COVID-19: Agritech & Building a Resilient Agriculture Supply Chain

As governments continue to put measures in place to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are mounting concerns as to how long the Agricultural sector can withstand the devastating impacts as a result of sweeping restrictions on commercial and social activity.

The global food system is being tested in countless ways that are putting a strain on all the primary actors in the complex food supply web that involves; producers (mostly small scale farmers), input suppliers, transport and logistics companies. A food crisis is on the horizon.

Africa’s Looming Food Crisis – A Webinar

Last month, our Co-CEO, Bolaji Akinboro was invited by Sahel Capital for a webinar session to share insights and lessons to agribusiness SMEs on how to survive and grow during these challenging times.
The webinar’s theme; Covid-19: Building a Resilient Supply Chain.

Bolaji spoke on how;

  • Cellulant has leveraged its vast mobile technology platform to enable food processors to aggregate raw materials from farmers across the country:
  • Ways in which our mobile technology platform has enabled us to
    respond better and faster to the impact of COVID-19
  • Supply of inputs (such as fertilizers, seeds and pesticides) to farmers during the commencement of raining season cultivation is being threatened.
  • How Cellulant is managing this challenge?
  • How we see our business evolving drastically post COVID-19
  • What changes we see ourselves making afterwards

Click here to listen to the Webinar Audio