Cellulant’s ‘Nigerian Youth Connect to Work’ Program to Employ 1M Youth into Agribusiness
A workshop delegate posing a question during the first Nigerian Youth Connect to Work workshop in Kano State

Last month, Cellulant Nigeria kickstarted the first of numerous youth workshops that will be held countrywide as part of its ‘Nigerian Youth Connect to Work’ joint program which seeks to employ 1M youth into agribusiness by 2025.

This flagship event which took place on the 30th of January was attended by over 1,600 youths.  The Deputy Governor Kano state, His Excellency, Dr Nasiru Yusufu Gawuna and the Hon. Commissioner for Youth & Sports Development, Comrade Kabiru Ado Lakwaya who were among the invited keynote speakers. Also in attendance were the Assistant Commissioner of Police Kano State and representatives of the Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO). The event also brought together some of the biggest players in the Agriculture and Retail Value Chains; Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Logistic Companies, Market leaders, Food Processors and Financial actors in Kano.

What is the Nigerian Youth Connect to Work Program?

Africa’s future billionaires and millionaires will make their money from agriculture.”

Dr. Adesina, President of the African Development Bank

Cellulant is on a mission to create 1 million job opportunities within Agriculture for youth in Nigeria over the next 5 years. Out of these, 720,000 will be direct jobs. This will be achieved by implementing a program that leverages technology, data, and market intelligence to transform Nigeria’s agricultural market along with the food processing and retail marketplaces.

We are implementing a national youth program that is integrating the most advanced technological tools, data, and market intelligence to create jobs within the agriculture value chain from the farm to the plate.

Our goal is to work with and train young entrepreneurs in Agriculture (Agri-preneurs) to discover, engage, and connect with all key players in the Agriculture sector in Nigeria in order and to bring efficiency, transparency resulting in economic prosperity.

Under this program, we together with our partners GBF and Corporate Farmers International will hold numerous experimental training workshops throughout Nigeria for the youth to;

  • Experience the potentials in different actors of work creation
  • Be shown how to connect to the biggest actors in Agriculture and retail entrepreneurs and relevant financial actors in the ecosystem.
  • Be trained on retail distribution processes
  • Learn the impact of value add to the marketplace on job creation within the market place

“We believe that technology and innovation can help solve food crises and hunger in Africa which has the landmass and climate to grow as much quantity of food that can feed the world. However, before we feed the world, we will need to feed ourselves as a continent.”

Bolaji Akinboro, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Cellulant

Youth Employment Opportunities in Nigeria’s Agribusiness

Agriculture is Africa’s ‘green oil’.

In Nigeria alone, Agriculture presents a $50bn opportunity of providing young people with an exciting and profitable career path.

We have mapped out 9 career categories which seek to fill the existing gaps within the Agriculture value chain from the production level at the farm level to consumers’ homes. You can now start your agro-preneur journey by signing up for any of the 9 categories within the program.

Nigeria loses 32% of the crops produced annually due to a broken value chain and wastage. This translates to 1.3 billion tons per year that can feed 1.6 billion people yet Africa imports US$35bn of food annually. Compounding this problem is the current employment prospect in the Agribusiness.

Pioneering & Driving Agritech in Nigeria

In 2012, Cellulant implemented one of the largest and most impactful Agritech solutions in Africa. Through the use of a mobile wallet technology ( e-wallet) which powered the Growth Enhancement Support (GES) Scheme, the Nigerian government was able to register 14.5 million farmers. Ninety per cent of farm inputs reached 7.1M farmers by 2014 as the government could now deal directly with farmers to distribute fertilizer and seeds subsidies to them. As a result, income for every farmer moved from $700 to $1800.

From the successful implementation of the e-wallet, Cellulant has since built  Agrikore – an online marketplace (e-marketplace) that is creating value for smallholder farmers, agricultural input and produce traders.

Agritech (a term used to define the use technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture with the aim of improving yield, efficiency, and profitability) is an emerging sector with an estimated total addressable market revenue of between €2.3 billion. 

5 Nigerian Youth Connect 2 Work Workshops in February

This February alone, we shall be running 5 workshops in 5 different states. 

1. Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic- Kazaure Jigawa State

2. Federal College of Agriculture Ibadan- Oyo State

3. Ondo State University of Science & Tech – Ondo State

4. Kwara State University- Kwara State

5. Bayero University -Kano State

If you are a young person living in Nigeria, sign up for this program. Follow the #Connect2WorkNG hashtag on all social channels to get on ground updates and interact with those attending the workshops.  If you would like to get more information or to engage us for an Agritech solution, email us on [email protected]